The Journey Begins


This is the part where I’m supposed to introduce myself, right? Or not. I’m not entirely sure what the formula for a travel blog is.



I got the idea from a friend, who pointed out how interesting it would be to see a student’s perspective on culture and travel and learning (and my experience with doing some of these at the same time). You know, a departure from the usual “blonde-haired carefree wanderlust soul with photographer at their beck and call/ I do this for a living” type of blog. My vibe floats somewhere along the lines of “broke student going to tourist-y places/ tags her Insta pics with the hashtag #vsco for no particular reason.” It’s really just the vibe.

From time to time, I manage to smuggle in some decent pics of places, either with my iPhone or my DSLR, and now apparently I’ve got to get some writing done too. Luckily, I’ve got awesome friends who’ve made so many of these experiences memorable, and sometimes I’m also lucky enough to do them alone. So essentially, if you choose to keep up with my travel blog, perhaps you should expect the following: –

  • a lot of me saying the exact phrase ‘I loved this place’
  • a lot of synonyms for the phrase ‘I loved this place’
  • strange (and probably irrelevant) digressions
  • A look into some of the weird thoughts that happen in my head
  • fun words like “vibe” and “fun” and also “perhaps”
  • The occasional deep quote from pinterest

Right. So what’s my vibe?

I was born and raised in Kenya, but I’ve been swinging back and forth between Singapore, New York (and Kenya, of course) for 2-3 years now. I’m a music composition major with a minor in creative writing. I guess it’s good I’m doing this blog then. Practice for the minor, or something like that.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” 

                 ~ Henry Miller

My parents have always stressed that travelling is a privilege, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experience all these different parts of the world. And, I’m also super excited to share these adventures with you!

Stay posted, and don’t hesitate to comment on what you’d like to see in this blog! I plan to put stuff up once, sometimes twice, a week.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kabi x.

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