Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Given that I’m in Singapore for quite some time this summer, I thought it would be fun to write a series detailing a few of my adventures around this sunny city-state. Some of my ongoing missions include a hunt to find all 7 Merlion Statues (I’ve only seen the 2 main ones), visiting the gardens and parks that the city has to offer, and exploring (more like getting lost in) the hidden corners of the city.


If I’m honest, when it comes to gardens, there’s nothing that can parallel the award-winning Gardens by the Bay, which is 250 acres worth of testament to the powerful union between nature, science and art.



It’s free to roam around the outdoor gardens, but standard rates to see both The Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest conservatories amount up to 28 SGD (about 20 USD). You can pay an additional 8 SGD to go on the skywalk.

The Flower Dome, a.k.a. The Largest Glass Greenhouse in the World

The Flower Dome usually switches up its exhibitions monthly, so I managed to catch an insanely stunning Begonia display with an under-the-sea twist to it.






The Cloud Forest, feat. the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall

The Cloud Forest somehow transported me back to my hometown, Kirinyaga (located in Central Kenya), where walks in the forests led up to mountain streams and lots of green. The indoor facility here recreates the exact physical (humidity, temperature, etc) conditions required for certain tropical mountain plants to grow.




The Cloud Forest also has different hidden gems on each level. In the garden below, it took me a while to realize that some of the plants were actually legos!



You can also find some crystals, a secret garden and other cool wood carvings just by walking around.



Supertree Grove & the OCBC Skywalk

The supertrees are described as vertical gardens reaching between 25-50m high. On the Skywalk, you’re not only seeing the Supertrees up close, but you’re also able to see how green a city Singapore is for miles!




It was a solid 3 hours of exploration and observation (keeping that step-count up!), and I hadn’t even seen it all. I was still in awe from the flower dome, to be honest.



At night, I’m been able to see the pretty lights of the garden from my house, but I haven’t danced in them up close! As a result, I plan to go back to see the Garden Rhapsody Show they put on in the evenings.

New favourite flower?

I also have to go back for the giant floating baby sculpture (Marc Quinn’s ‘Planet’). That’s definitely worth going back for.


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